The Abstract Art
Kate Browning Word



God Gives Us Roots and Wings; Fluid Acrylic Abstract Painting 48X48 by Kate Browning Word

My Background

I am a woman of contrasts ... a country girl living in the city, a mountain lover living by the ocean. I hope to bring you into the pleasures of my artmaking. Isn’t that what God does when He draws us to a sunrise, a beautiful orchid or a newborn baby?  

Art is not a product I produce, but every work is an abstract expression of my hope to influence the way viewers see our world.  Though I do not make obvious "Christian Art," I believe there's an Invisible Mystery that every Christian is given to steward, and I view my artmaking as a responsibility to appropriate and Spirituality to release into the world. 

I am a self-taught artist. While raising my children, I studied Fine Arts at Texas Woman's University in Denton, TX with a major concentration in fibers and a painting minor. I have varied experience as a textile weaver and operated a weaving studio in Taos, NM in the mid-90's. Most of my warp-faced structures were double warp, silk ikats commissioned for site-specific installations in Tennessee, Maryland and Japan. 

 My work is collected across America, and as far away as Kyoto, JPN. I live in Corpus Christi, TX where my husband, William, and I share a full ministry life in our community. ​I work from Hope Studio and my home.

Abstract fluid acrylic painting on unstretched canvas by Kate Browning Word AKA Kate's Branch

My Process

 As each abstract art work develops, many layers unfold a history with lines and shapes formed in my initial applications of gesso. I highlight texture and introduce an interplay with bold acrylic color, movement, and pattern. Sometimes, I add oil stick colors to enhance certain shapes or special emphasis. My passion for communicating spirituality drives my painting, collage media and printmaking to expose hidden layers for stimulating or quieting viewers.  

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My Inspiration

I find inspiration for balancing contrasts in modern architecture, nature and textiles, and intentionally juxtapose organic shapes with geometric lines and grids. Though some of my abstract art methods are calculated, I welcome intuition, spontaneity and accidental discoveries while exploring these diverse aesthetic expressions with mixed media textures.

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